Friday, April 6, 2007

Vancouver Island Library

We have always made good use of our public is a good way to reduce everyday expenses. When I have purchased a book, I sometimes found that I read it once- then never picked it up again. That doesn't mean that I haven't kept a few books . They tend to be investment related books which I feel are worth keeping. "Nothing Down" and "The Major Works of R. N. Elliott" (not an easy book to find) are on my bookshelf. I have also made a lot of notes from books and photocopied a few pages. Some of my notes are just on the PC. If necessary I know I can always find the book again.

One of the nice things about Vancouver Island is the library system here. One can live in a small and fairly remote community (less expensive) but still have access to an impressive library collection. I don't know how many small libraries there are but when I'm searching for a book it is not unusual to have it come from a community a long way from home. With the exception of Victoria, all the community libraries function as one, and books go back and forth as they would between branch libraries in a large city. Some of the branch libraries are located on smaller islands such as the Gulf Islands, which means that some books have to ride a ferry to get to me.

An interesting thing about libraries today is that anyone can search their collections on-line. If your curious, here's the link to the Vancouver Island Regional Library site.

ps TSX has made a new high.

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