Thursday, April 19, 2007

Obsession Tag

Money Diva from A Canadian and Her Money has tagged me to admit to my most obsessive thoughts. I would have to admit that I am obsessed with frugal living in that I seldom spend more than I need to for anything. Many would say I don't spend enough on many things. I drive an old car but I could buy a new one anytime I wanted. I guess some would also say I'm obsessed with saving money.

When I was younger, I went through periods (years?) of obsession with different money making or money saving past times. There was the searching for a rental property obsession. I got so good at it that when I called up a real estate agent about a new listing they would ask me what real estate company I was with. There was also the stock forecasting and trading obsession period - not sure if I'm completely free of that one yet. I went long, sold short, bought Puts and Calls. I continued to trade through the bear market that started in 2000. The only thing I haven't done yet, and yet is the key word here...I didn't sell options.

I now get the right to tag other bloggers and I pick Mike who has left comments on this blog. Mike if you read this...your "it". :)


Mike said...

Gosh! I got tagged? And I'm not even a blogger...

Obsessive thoughts....hmmm I tend to get obsessive about things I'm interested in which currently includes anything to do with personal finance including blogs & forums.

I'm also way too obsessed with my mortgage which is much too large after a financially disastrous reno on our house.

I also tend to focus too much on errors I make which are avoidable (see previous comment on house reno which I should have researched a lot better).

But the thing I obsess about the most is my 8 month old son who is the love of my life!

I won't bother tagging anyone else but thanks for thinking of me!


Anonymous said...

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