Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eagles In Love

Two Bald Eagles sitting side by side is not something I have seen before. Normally, if they are that close together, it is a fight in mid-air.

There is a story behind this photo. This eagle tree is on a path that I ride every few days. For a few weeks I noticed there was one eagle in the vicinity. I recall seeing it perched on a rock near the water's edge, alone and looking out to sea. At other times in was in the tree. I suspected it was waiting for its companion to arrive since it was near the start of the mating season. I also know that they go their separate ways only days after the young are out of the nest.

Each time I went by I was waiting for the second one to arrive. This photo was taken on a very windy day the first time I saw them together. Click on the photo to see them in more detail.


Mike said...

That's a great picture!

Anonymous said...

Just, curious, where on the Island are you?

Canadian Money said...


I am not disclosing my exact location because I like to be a little anon as well.

If you have any questions about Van Island I will try to help. Many of the communities have tourist info places so it's easy to research the island. I believe I also have a link somewhere for a business related site that has with a range of stats such as populations, property values etc for different communities.