Tuesday, April 3, 2007

S&P TSX Composite Index April 3, 2007

It looks like the TSX may be on its way to making a new high very soon. The lower volume in the vicinity of the index low in early March suggests - the correction may have ended at that point. In addition, the size of the correction, compared to the run up leading to it, also looks typical. A correction of about 60% is often the case.

I bought a little more TD Canadian Index - e mutual fund about a week ago and I plan to buy a little more after a new high is made. I enjoy trying to squeeze a little more out of the market by timing the entry point.

If my guess is wrong...and the low has not yet been established...we can still count on the index and the index funds to make new highs in the future.

The chart for the TSX Venture index looks very similar. I wish there was an index fund for that index as well.

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