Monday, March 26, 2007

Ontario Lottery - Off The Rails

Another story about Canadian Money.

The story reads, "Unscrupulous" lottery-ticket retailers in Ontario have collected at least $100 million in fraudulent claims since 1999, thanks in large part to a "hopelessly conflicted" provincial agency..."

"In an investigation of jackpot wins by so-called lottery insiders, ombudsman Andre Marin showed no quarter to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which he said ignored allegations of fraud because it was "fixated on profit rather than public service.""

It would not surprise me to hear that a subsequent proper investigation discovered that some of that money found it's way into the pockets of upper OLGC managers. This would explain why the allegations were ignored. Or, it may simply be a case of incompetence.

I think the fundamental problem here is that government should not be involved in promoting or selling gambling in the first place.

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