Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happiness After Retirement

Canadian Dream has been discussing happiness the last few days. It's always an interesting topic.

I find it helpful to compare what's happening to what could be happening had I taken another path. I could be back at my old job, just as bored as ever patiently waiting for spring, trying to increase my savings and pension. But instead, I'm enjoying my early retirement by having fun playing at things that don't cost much. For example, in the last few days I have walked the beach along the ocean here on Vancouver Island a couple of miles for the exercise and enjoyment.

While walking I saw a few signs of spring. One young woman juggling rocks...she was actually very good. The next day I passed two young men playing volleyball. A good number of ducks and other sea birds. The weather is still chilly but the view is still great. Not too many people wearing shorts yet.

I will be out on the boat soon.


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