Monday, March 19, 2007

Financial Independence

I came across a web site selling a service to help people become financially independent. I'm not recommending the service but you might find their list of self-evaluation statements helpful in evaluating how you are doing.

The following statements are listed for a yes or no response. They suggest that a false response to even one item may impede one's ability to achieve financial independence.

I have no credit card or short term DEBT
I SAVE at least 10% of my income
I utilize a spending plan (BUDGET) and live within my means
I have six months of living expenses in RESERVES
I pay only the TAXES that I am legally obligated to pay
I have written short- and long-term GOALS
I have a WILL (or trust) that is up to date and does what I want it to do
I have a RECORD KEEPING system and I can find what I need when I need it
I am EARNING up to my potential in a career that I enjoy
I can easily COMMUNICATE with my loved ones about money issues
I know my financial NET WORTH
My HOME is an integral part of my overall investment strategy

I tend to agree that anyone who plans on early retirement (age 55 or younger) should have a yes answer to most of these statements.


the money diva said...

This is indeed a good list! I can't say that I do all of them perfectly though. But just reading it over is a great mini-checkup and a reminder of some important ideas. said...

Perhaps you should add this to your list:

"I have an investment strategy"