Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2007 Cash Flow

Well the numbers are in for 2007. We have a lot of sub categories so I will only note the larger ones.

Our total spending for the year was about $31,000. This includes all expenses except those that were scheduled to be paid from earmarked pre-retirement savings. Savings paid about $18,000 for a newer used car and $3,000 on boating.

Income Tax ~$2,600
Municipal Property Tax ~$1,800
Groceries ~$7,000
Restaurants ~ $2,900
Entertainment ~ $2,300 including car trip expenses
Home Maintenance ~$2,000
Auto Gas ~$1,500
BC Medical $1,152
Auto Insurance $1,300
Clothing/Hair $1,200
Savings for our next car replacement $2,000 (pay cash every 5-10 years)
BC Hydro ~$900

We own our home and we don't have a lot of vacation expenses other than boating. The total for the year is well within my pre-retirement estimates.

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