Friday, October 26, 2007

Back In Town

Just returned from a 5 day trip to Vancouver and Kelowna area. Spent some cash, did a little big city shopping and saw weather from pouring rain all day to sunshine with a little snow thrown in as we crossed the coast mountains. A nice change of pace. I will try to post a pic or two in the next little while.

I see the price of TD Bank stock is still dropping. Near $68 today. TD Bank still looks like it has more downside in the short-term. Will it go below the low of $64 in August?

Looks like my call for Royal Bank to hit $59 in the short term was ...wrong. It never went above $57. Fooled by randomness?

I'm more interested in the total market trend. Is the TSX in just a short term correction or in the early stages of a larger Bear Market?? It could go either way.


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