Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNR Canadian National Railway Stock...lower lows expected Feb. 11, 2009

I believe that earlier I mentioned that the US DJTA Index, the Transports, had already broken below its November low. This lead me to look on the Canadian side of the border to see if there was a Canadian Stock that one might expect to see doing the same thing.

Sure enough, CNR was following the same playbook. CNR had a nice 14 year bull market, running up from about $5 to a high near $60. The trend has now changed from an upward bull market trend to a downward bear market trend. A simple 4 year trend is shown. This action by CNR is totally consistent with everything else going on these days.

So far the bear trend for CNR has retraced about 35 percent of the bull. Don't be surprised to see it hit ~$26 or lower before this bear market is over. The P/E = 11, still too high for the bottom of a severe bear market.

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