Thursday, September 6, 2007

Reading Other Blogs - September 6, 2007

I continue to be impressed with the quality of information available on the web. In the workplace, I always believed that if you encouraged people to think and communicate in a group environment, that everyone would learn together. The web is the ultimate communication tool for this type of thing. When I read the different blogs it is almost like being back at work and discussing investments over coffee break. In fact, it's much much better... since the quality of discussion is 1000 times better.

For Example
Canadian Dream
posted his recent interview with Derrick Foster about his new book. Just yesterday I read on another blog that DF had written a new book. I expect to read both of DF books this winter. However, because of the information I found on the web about dividend stock investing and the tax breaks available, I have already invested some money in a dividend stock mutual fund.

Four Pillars posted an overview of his investment plan. One point I liked is that he has limited his leveraging to a level he is comfortable with, currently about 10% of his investments. I strongly encourage anyone with a mortgage to take a hard look at the SM opportunities in conjunction with a financial planner. It is normal to be wary of leverage, but rather than do nothing and let the years slip by, one can follow FPs lead and start with a percentage limit on the leveraged portion of one's portfolio. I recall having trouble sleeping when I took out larger mortgages years ago but I quickly forgot about it. After a short while the extra debt "was normal" and I never gave it much thought. In the final analysis we all leverage our investment in real estate when we take on a mortgage.

The Financial Blogger is posting his real time experience with the SM. I look forward to following his progress. It is a good blog to read if your afraid of the SM. It doesn't sound very scary because the numbers start out quite small. It gives one a chance to "grow into it" over time.

Million Dollar Journey's blog has a great guest post by Melanie McLister that summarizes the SM and provides a link to a table of comparison for Canadian sources of special mortgages needed for this strategy.


FourPillars said...

Thanks for the mention.

I don't actually have a percentage limit - more of a total debt amount that I can handle. But regardless it will probably won't go past 20% of my total portfolio.


p.s. you might want to put the actual links to the blogs you mentioned.

Online Mortgage Broker said...

Hi CM,

Under the better late than never category (I just noticed your post!), I too would like to thank you for the reference. I wish you all the best with Canadian Money and hope it's a beautiful day on the island!


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