Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Portfolio..up about 2% from the June 2008 Market Peak

The other day I got into a lively discussion with someone about the stock market. I was unsuccessful in my arguments, however this person challenged me by saying what really counts is your portfolio performance not how you have done on one particular stock.

Since I had not looked at my portfolio as a whole for a few months I updated it to see where I stood.

I used the peak in the Canadian TSX Composite Index in early June 2008 (15,155 points) as a start date for my calculations. Its a date that everyone can relate to. Since that point in time my entire portfolio has increased by 2 percent.

In comparison, the stock market in Canada has dropped by 47 percent over that same time period, falling from 15,000 to 8,000.

Now to be honest, being retired I did not have a huge percentage in the market to begin with so my risk going into the Bear Market was not great compared to someone who was closer to having 100 % investment in the market.

Two percent is not a lot but considering what happened to the market during that time period my guess is that I might place relatively high on a portfolio performance comparison list for any age group.

Time will tell how I make out going forward.

Does anyone else have numbers for comparison?

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