Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Water Bill Caution

If you have a water meter, and if your home plumbing develops a slow water leak, one you don’t notice, your bill will climb. Keep tabs on the consumption on the bill, comparing it to normal. Otherwise you risk getting a big surprise on your water bill payment one day. A bill could easily be a couple of hundred dollars higher just for the leak, especially if your paying for both water and sewer when both costs are based on the water meter reading. Toilet leaks that run 24/7 are a most common cause of this sort of thing. Fortunately, you can hear toilet leaks during the night when the house is quiet if you listen while …well you know.

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George W. said...

It's pretty easy to tell if there's a leak somewhere - just make sure all of the water sources are turned off and go look at the meter. Most water meters have a dial that spins as water passes through the meter, and it's possible to see it moving even if a very small amount of water is being used.

Tracking down exactly where the leak is occurring is another story...